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See all Movies. Movie Reviews. Ever since Gravity seemingly In the paper, Berezin called this answer to Fermi's paradox the "first in, last out" solution. Understanding it requires narrowing down the parameters of what makes "intelligent life" in the first place, Berezin wrote. For starters, it doesn't really matter what alien life looks like ; it could be a biological organism like humans, a superintelligent AI or even some sort of planet-size hive mind, he said. But it does matter how this life behaves, Berezin wrote.

To be considered relevant to Fermi's paradox, the extraterrestrial life we seek has to be able to grow, reproduce and somehow be detectable by humans.

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That means our theoretical aliens have to be capable of interstellar travel, or at least of transmitting messages through interstellar space. This is assuming humans don't reach the alien planet first. Here's the catch: For a civilization to reach a point where it could effectively communicate across solar systems, it'd have to be on a path of unrestricted growth and expansion, Berezin wrote.

And to walk this path, you'd have to step on a lot of lesser life-forms. For example, a rogue AI 's unrestricted drive for growth could lead it to populate the entire galaxy with clones of itself, "turning every solar system into a supercomputer," Berezin said.