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A city known as Redding now Wakefield constructed at the shore of the lake that supplied colonists with a bounty of fish, together with salmon and alewives, until eventually turbines stopped their passage upstream. Icehouses ruled the coastline and stood side-by-side with boathouses and bathhouses.

For fresh arrivals who stroll and jog its idyllic 5-kilometer shore, the lake's commercial and intricate earlier will come as a surprise. The undated painting shows the area between and In fact, the earliest cemetery in the town was actually encompassed by what we now know as the Lower Common. Later, the Yale Engine House , a fire station house, stood on this land, as shown in the photograph below. Built to replace a wooden firehouse, erected in , which burned down in This engine house was taken down in , and its bricks were used in the foundation of the Central Fire Station.

Ironically the Central Fire Station also burned down — in the Hathaway stable fire in The bequest came soon after Wakefield accepted an act of the legislature to allow cities and towns to lay out public parks within their limits, a reaction to the increasingly disorderly growth caused by industrialization. Its distinctive Queen Anne form and prominent lakeside location have made it a symbol of the Town of Wakefield. In the s, the town of South Reading renamed its two lakes. The Great Pond was renamed Lake Quannapowitt.

Quonopohit was a nephew of Wenepoykin, the last sachem of the Nipmuck or Pawtucket tribe that owned this land. There is actually no record of his having any settlement in the Wakefield area.

Lake Quannapowitt

Off to the right are the industrial ice houses. More about them later…. For now, walk on toward Main Street. It is notable for its Rufus Porter murals on the dining room walls. Rufus Porter, an itinerant painter, decorated the interior of many of the homes in Wakefield.

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In the nineteenth century, lakeside land was the site of the homes of many shoe manufacturers, as was Main Street, on the corner of White and Main streets, seen above. As the town expanded its park lands, portions of the lakeside were cleared. Wright, a Civil War veteran and avid yachtsman, was a printer with business in Boston. Young, an executive in a Boston grocery firm. Modeled on mansion houses in Salem, and constructed for Thomas Clement, a retired naval officer, an early tenant was Thomas Haley Forrester, the cousin of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Lake Quannapowitt is named for James Quonopohit, a member of the Pawtucket tribe of Nipmuc Indians and signer of the deed selling land to European. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alison C. Simcox and Douglas L. To the left, Thomas Haley Forrester.

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Native Americans are believed to have camped on the shore of the lake, near this house. The house was the homestead of a substantial farm, which stretched to the east away from the lake. The acre Lake Quannapowitt has a history of recreational use, from swimming to skating to boating to windsurfing. The steamboat Minni Mariah seen below traversed the lake in the s; boathouses rented canoes and rowboats through much of the twentieth century.

This engine house was taken down in , and its bricks were used in the foundation of the Central Fire Station. Google Maps, Terrain - Google.

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Detail from: History of Wakefield, Mass. Eaton, - Internet Archive. Leventhal Map Center. Walling, - Library of Congress. Wakefield , George H. Wakefield , Chester W. Whitman, Norman B. Wakefield , U. Map of Wakefield, Mass. Fairbanks, - Internet Archive. Detail from: Atlas of Middlesex County, Vol. Thayer, c. Additions, Corrections, Comments? Please email contact bostonbasinhills. Hills of the Boston Basin.

Website under construction. Boston-Shawmut Peninsula.

Deer Island. East Boston. Hyde Park. Jamaica Plain. Mission Hill.

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South Boston. West Roxbury. Blue Hills Reservation. Middlesex Fells Reservation. Hills of Wakefield, Mass. Academy Hill. Academy Hill : " Rueben Green House , " Also called: " Castle Hill. See Saugus. Cedar Hill.

Lake Quannapowitt

Atlas of Massachusetts , Geo. Cowdry Hill. Cowdry Hill historic. First settlers homesteads : " First Settlers : ".. Crescent Hill. Golden Hills.

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Golden Hills , " Greenwood Hill. Greene, - Internet Archive. Green - Brown - White House , " Harts Hill. Hart's Hill Tower : " History of the Hartshore House : " Dr John Hart , " Eaton, - HathiTrust. Rattlesnake Hill.