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Bronson 2 More Porridge Than Goldilocks

Published by John Blake, Used Condition: Good Soft cover. Save for Later. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. About this title Synopsis: Charles Bronson is the most feared and most notorious convict in the prison system. More Information.

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Shipping Terms: Guarantee We guarantee your order will ship within 2 business days from the United States. Information In very rare cases, your book may take longer to reach than quoted for unexpected reasons. Old ladies being mugged, mobile phones being taken in street robberies Peterson went after the Durham cops for, among other things, a 'cowardly' approach to the problem of the city's violent gangs and 'the lowest clearance rate in solving crimes of any police force in the State'. So, like me, he opposes bullying and what does he get for it?

A raw deal. See, one minute you can be running for the job of mayor and the next minute you're in the slammer on a murder rap; that's what I call insanity. So all you good people out there, be careful when criticising me, 'cos by tomorrow you could well be in the cell next to me!

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Now, you think that's mad, it gets madder! I know some of you will have read the Foreword and, if you have, you'll have some idea of what I'm going to say next when I mention the other Michael Peterson. You see, it could be that I'm innocent of all charges! Did I kill myself off years ago to free Michael Peterson? Maybe he doesn't exist and it's me going insane? Is he living my life out there? Fuck me, it's awesome! What a story, even as far back as he was in my life, and I never knew! He could be me and I'm him! This guy is the hidden key to madness, we have to open it up, it's a gem!

Anyone remember Lord David Sutch? He's the guy who was always running for MP and represented the Monster Raving Looney Party, my favourite political party. Lord Sutch never won a seat, came close a few times, but that was it.

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Sadly, on 16 June , the godfather of pop and British politics was found hanged at his home in South Harrow, London. Like all the loons, it had become too much for him and he took the way out that most of them do — he was only Now that can be too much for any man, even me! One day, I know I'll have to hang my Charles Bronson handle up and head for the sunset In a set of amazing coincidences, it would seem I'm also leading another life. My name given to me at birth was Michael Gordon Peterson; the other Mick Peterson has the same initials as me, but his middle name is 'George'.

I was born on 6 December ; the other Mick was born on 25 March , 15 months after me. My favourite drink is vodka; Mick's favourite drink is We both love a Guinness, too. I started offending in earnest in , whereas Mick started offending in Yeah, we've both got criminal records that date back some time! We both have records for violence. Wait 'til you hear this one; in I was sent to prison for robbery Back then, Mick Peterson was my name; the other Mick Peterson was working around the country having lived in London for a time, not far from Charlie Richardson's yard in Camberwell.

During the early '70s, Mick was working at Butlin's for a number of summer seasons and also on the fairgrounds, which meant working away from home. Mick's dear mother, Barbara, only goes and reads in the newspaper that Mick Peterson me has been sent to prison for robbery in Luton. Mick's mother lived in Hartlepool, so, to her, Luton may as well have been in London. Anyway, her son, Mick, lands back home on his mother's doorstep and his mum has the shock of her life saying, 'You're supposed to be in prison, what are you doing here? Is that mad or what?

So Mick knew of me way back then.

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I only got to know about him when he joined my fan club in March Can you believe Mick Peterson joined my fan club? I thought, someone's having a laugh here!

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So now we know what went wrong; they've sent the wrong man to prison and I demand a retrial. I could go on and on about the similarities between us, even down to looks. I mean, look at the beard, look at the power of the man, look at the bald head Right now, Mick is living in Hartlepool, he's married and has a grown-up son called Mark — I've got a brother called Mark.

Mick has one giant-sized LP collection and he used to buy and sell at record collectors' fairs — that's where he met Lord Sutch, but Mick's great interest is the legendary, now dead, Frank Zappa. Now there was a fucking legend if ever there was one! Frank Zappa died as a result of prostate cancer at his Los Angeles home on 4 December , shortly before his fifty-third birthday. Zappa was one of the most original and complex figures to have emerged from the rock scene. Zappa said he didn't care how he was remembered after he died, can you believe that?

We fight to live, we want our memories to live on and yet he said, 'It's not important to even be remembered, I mean, the people who worry about being remembered are guys like Reagan, Bush I don't care. Can you figure this guy out? Anyway, Mick has one of the largest Frank Zappa collections, and all on audio tape.

You can grow up being a trouble-maker and then, before you know it, the next thing you're doing is listening to Frank Zappa whilst chilling out What would a psychiatrist say about that? I can tell you what a psychiatrist said about me when I was 13 years old. This was my first encounter with a psychiatrist. I can still see his fat, spineless face and hear the shit coming out of his mouth. I had to see him over my problems at school.

In those days, it was rare to see one of those people, but it was my first time and the record lives on I learned at that early stage that these sorts of people are not from my planet; they think completely differently and live entirely differently, they may as well be from planet Zappa! They actually look down on the working class! They're above us all, but over the years I've also learned that 80 per cent of these prats can't even put their own lives in order; it's a fact.

What right-minded people can sit down listening to a lunatic all day, every day, year in and year out with no side-effects? Anyway, this prick was a lesson to me, one to remember. I seriously thought about punching a hole in his fat face. As he spoke, I had visions of serious violence. Within ten minutes, this mutant made me feel dehumanised. What was he? What can he tell me that my dad can't? I'll tell you — dog shit. I should have punched him! Why not? Nowadays, the shrinks won't see me unless I'm in chains or with a dozen screws in the room. All apart from my lovely Dr Ghosh.

She's just lovely to listen to. She came to see me at Whitemoor Prison, funnily enough, to see if I was sane as I needed a report to say I'm sane to authorise a trust fund. She made a joke of it. OK, I'm sane and my trust fund is sorted. I remember a shrink in Wandsworth Jail back in the '70s.

Bronson 2: More Porridge than Goldilocks

Now he was a really evil fucker, loved to juice you up using the liquid cosh, fucking done me up like a zombie, he did! I went to see him to chin the cunt, but I was so fucked up I could barely lift my arms up! He had me good and proper sorted!

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That Dr Falk at headquarters was, in my opinion, a nasty bit of work, too. In the '70s, he diagnosed me a psychopath.

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