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Modified portable CD player. Biography: John Macedo is a sound artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into recorded works, live performances, film, and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which explores and reveals the hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

Her installations have taken place at Pecci museum Prato , Palazzo Reale Milano and more… "I am a musician and in this moment of my life I am dealing with pain and all that follows… This is an album based on the concept of physical pain, its title taken from the name of a famous theory about it. I have attempted to communicate — through the sound synesthesia and its movements — the same sensations and disorientation that we can try in times of difficulty and suffering.

However, in every track there is a strong dose of energy and struggle, obtained from the timbre and dynamics of many analog instruments not least the Buchla at EMS in Stockholm. I also used sounds from acoustic instruments, effects, tapes, Walkmans, reel-to-reel recorders, a modular synth and more… My aim is to work on the perceptions of the listener, making them participate with the emotions — main actors in the relationship between suffering and struggle.

On "Live at The Backstreet" - recorded on Accompanied by newest members Jacob Shaw and Conrad Pack, founders James Jeanette and Stuart McKenzie conjure up sexual demons, inciting the audience almost into a ritualistic trance. Be warned Born in , Thomas Mahmoud is a Berlin based cross-disciplinary artist - musician, sound designer, performer, author and radioplay producer. Since stepping down as the singer with Cologne based band Von Spar L'age d'or, Tomlab , he has pursued his interests in deconstructing sounds, using analogue and digital tools to work with textures and field recordings.

This is how Mahmoud works. Working equally with acoustic sources as with electronics.

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  • 歡迎光臨Napoleonen在痞客邦的小天地.
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  • Performing in a wide variety of projects, and solo under his own name. Home base as Budapest Hungry: this looming drummer has all the corner chops covered from Repulsion-blast beasts to the futuristic urban free scree of the New York Art Ensemble. If that wasnt threatening enough: Pandi has also branched into the PA-Mangling World of free electronics scattered with continued live and studio recordings with the master of noise Masami Akita aka Merzow, also with free-sludge rockers Porn, world consumer Bill Laswell and Mr.

    If musical history is a bench press, B. The rest is me in a little lonely room overlooking the garden in Haringey trying to do dub ambient field recordings on the B-side. It's all quite languid but slippery, vague tonal ebbs weave through the field recordings. Never really settles on anything obvious, rather pulls you into its own hole of spiralling echoes - did I already mention the word moody It features some of my most cherished sound captures, the seagulls of Gothenburg and a young soprano practicing next door, not to mention a gratuitous amount of audible delay effects.

    And anyway, just when you think it might stay in the zone forever, it all gets dry and matter-of-fact and checks out I took the files and mixed them at the house of ORILA during the hottest week I've ever come across in in Athens, stuck indoors and treating the music as my lifeline. Properly sat on the results, almost forgetting about them in one of those aimless periods that you begin by thinking you'll have it all sorted by November, but two years down the line you're in a different town in another tiny room not sure where the plot is anymore, yet all of a sudden you realise there's nothing actually to achieve or realise, just you should let things go and move on.

    Written, performed and produced by Kumo in SE Accompanying, mimicking, occupying the spaces between the deliveries, planes, dogs, birds and the kids next door writing grime tunes. In this respect, his masterstroke to date has been assembling the essential "The Lost Tapes" boxset. Work under his Kumo alias across multiple releases, performances, DJ sets and installations has included collaborations with the likes of Irmin Schmidt, B. Cole, Jaki Liebezeit, Mr.

    C and Jose Padilla. His ongoing Horrorshow multimedia venture brings together live soundtracks and short films, and his established group Metamono finds new life in vintage analogue and hand made electronics, releasing two albums, and Secrets of Nature - Sounds Unseen: live electronic music for silent British film.

    His label Psychomat was brought back to life in with two new single releases and more are planned. Jono is currently working on the score for feature film The Giaour, a book about Jaki Liebezeit's life and theories, and teaches Tai Chi in London.


    Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander created Saturn and the Sun to further their mutual passion in mindchanging sound experiments. Since , they have created music together in ritual rock band The Skull Defekts, but since the death of the Skulls in April their common focus now is Saturn and the Sun. Deep, often monotonous and harsh electronic music inspired by 60s minimalism, early techno and tribal music. This is what you get when the two comes together. Rylander is working as a forensic photographer and makes extreme sound art.

    The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas

    They both share the legendary studio space Gothenburg Sound Experiment. The installation, an 18 min loop, was made exclusively with recordings of the SY-1, with only a touch of reverb added here and there. SY-4 Berlin Mix is more-or-less one loop of the installation, in a stereo mix. Written and produced by David Burraston. Recorded at Noyzelab, On returning to Australia he went into the studio, digging up some recent-ish pieces from the last few years, and also making a handful of new ones. Musically this tape covers a range of different tunings and intervals, designed to take you on journey through the obscurities of NYZ's approach to experimental sound and music making.

    This project imagines a futuristic scenario - of a post-human society in the Athenian basin and of its music. Robots are reminded of the fundamental joys of playing, singing and dancing with these eight channel cassette recordings, inspired by Greece's complex cultural traditions and associations with Asia and Africa.

    Biography: Christos Chondropoulos b. He made his debut as a member of the experimental band XYSM.

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    In he released "Fingerpainting", a solo percussion LP. Mastered for cassette format by Mark Van Hoen. Illustration - SavX. He didn't reply immediately and at one point I just forgot about it So, it was a huge surprise when he replied, exactly a year to the day later, explaining his email's calendar was weird and he had only just now received my mail. Quickly, we arranged all details for our concert-to-be. We first met a couple of months later, at the airport. We picked him up in the morning and were stoned just an hour later in our kitchen. The energy for the whole day was so peaceful and warm.

    On the way to soundcheck we saw barricades and police vans on the streets in readiness for 1 May - a date famous in Berlin for rioting and protest. We joked about this "predictable riot", marked in calendars for all to see. The gig at Ausland proceeded organically. We shared many beautiful moments, both on and off stage. Damo was so much into the atmosphere and the crowd that, after our main set, we went on-stage a second time. Afterwards, we crashed at our place, downing a couple of whiskeys before going to sleep, happy. We kept in touch.

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    Amayra Caro, E. Berrocoso Cascallana, P. Vasanth, T. Muthuramalingam and L. Wall with Opening using Analytical F. Grobler and Kevin F.

    Bintz and Sara D. Schall, Richard F. Sesek, Sean Gallagher and Robert E. Moeller, Isabell A. Harris and Kerry L. Al-Shaaibi, Sana S.